I am a senior citizen over 70+ and a couple of years ago I purchased this product at a cheaper rate. first purchased it at the belle haven shell station off belle haven road, alexandria, va.

There was a promotion being done on this product fw1 and the young man showed me how to use it and so i bought 2 cans for $25.00. I tried it out and was amazed that i being a 5′ 7″ skinny lady with many health issues did not have a lot of trouble applying the car wash/wax and was able to shine it up well too. Many of my friends who saw my car toyota corolla le 2006 could not believe I did this car myself. I have been telling men and women about this product and a few men did go online and buy the product. One man really loves this product and I gave him him one of my cans to try out. He is married and does 3 cars with this product and cannot get over how well it actually removes the dirt and grim from the car and leaves it with a wonderful glow–shines nicely too.

Now i am 75 and want to order another 6 cans for myself. This is the only product I can purchase that allows me to do my car myself and I do not have to take it to a car wash at all. Only after winter has passed do I take my car to a car wash because of the salt and sand under the vehicle; but I do my own wash and wax at home usually after I get out of the car wash. Sparkle”s car wash never gets the dirt off my car even through their car wash station. I have to come home and do the fw1 to remove the dirt and grim as this car wash doesn’t. I feel like I am paying twice to get my car looking clean. If anyone has never used this product, they should give it a try as it is worth its weight in gold! I love the stuff!